The Spa resorts of Slovakia and the Czech Republic considered of the most important and popular resorts in central Europe which extends back to hundreds of years, it is famous.


We provides real estate and economic advisory services to public, institutional, and private and co-operate clients throughout the Saudi Arabia to invest in Czech and Slovakia.


Elite Investments and Trading is a leading service provider to global enterprises and institutions that deal in all type of investments and trading business between Saudi Arabia, Czech and Slovakia.


We are co partner with Thoonsen EAS (Electronic Antitheft Systems). With the desire to be closer to your needs, the company has developed a range THOONSEN innovative products to fight against shoplifting: the Quick Collection.



Foundation Activity started in April 2004 after the idea of the business between Saudi Arabia and Slovaki, through our long experience between the two countries where we found that there is good potential and prospects of big business between the two sides.


Find business and investment opportunities with quality products and valuable return based on our unique experience.


Trading Pioneers in central Europe mainly Slovakia and Czech.


Elite Food Distribution is a leader in perishable protein distribution. Our distribution centers provide quality, freshness and valued products to processors, distributors, retailers, and other institutions throughout the countries. Elite is committed to delivering quality food products to its customers through our HACCP food safety program. In an entrepreneurial environment, we deliver customer solutions through the use of innovative products and services.

We Industrial Consultation are engaged in offering the best quality consultant services concerning calibration services. Our services are provided to client’s satisfaction and access with accurate readings. We keep up a strong communication with our clients concerning their specific requirement and get the feedback from them to provide quality services.

Our company deals with the sale, installation and service of outdoorl cooling systems, humidity systems. Our company deals with the sale, installation and service of outdoor cooling systems, humidity systems. New cooling method for outdoor and indoor spaces! Cooling systems are also suitable for use in industry as cooling and removing dust, odor for heavy and light industry also. Our leading position is strengthened by the professionalism, effectivity of our staff and that we can adapt to individual needs and requirements of each custome.

Often is choosing clubs and teams of Arab and Gulf to set up sports camps in the countries of central Europe, especially Slovakia, where the infrastructure of sports clubs and world-class specialists, athletes and physical therapy, Add to this the availability of sports teams are good in all activities and prices, and quality service.

  • Pioneers 1
    Pioneers in trading with central Europe mainly Slovakia
  • Pioneers
    Pioneers in trading with central Europe mainly Slovakia
  • Join SPA Program 14nights
    we offer 14 nights spa program in Piestany-Slovkaia

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